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Helping you navigate your creative future

Programs designed for artists, makers, performers, and designers offered by our community of professionals in more than 50 areas of expertise (did we mention it’s free?)

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Sooner or later,
we all need advice.

We’ve all heard that voice scratching at the back of our head.


Will I get paid enough for what I’ve agreed to do? Did I give myself enough time to get this done? Will I get ripped off? Can I make a living – pay my bills, buy supplies, take a vacation, take time off?


Making a living is a lonely business. There are no guarantees. You don’t get paid until you’re finished, sold what you’ve made, took on the next gig or got another contract. You know your craft, but not how to read a contract, “market” your work, write a grant, attract an investor, rent a space to work in, and, most importantly, how to manage your time. A lonely business? Indeed. 


When you hear that voice, you want to find someone to talk to. That’s the reason we’ve created our programs.

What do you want to know?

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How do I market my products or services?


How do I make money with my creative skills?


How do I take my business to the next level?

Don't see your question? Click here to explore all our areas of expertise.


Our programs meet you exactly where you are.


Idea Clinic

Have an idea? Consider its potential and develop next steps in these two-hour brainstorming sessions led by our team of creative professionals.


Office Hours

Get concrete answers to specific questions you have about entrepreneurship from experts in law, marketing, production, business, and much more.

Meet our experts.

We are a community of artists, makers, academics, and professionals committed to the arts and the next generation of creatives. We've received help along the way. Now we want to share what we've learned.


Find guides to business basics like contracts, grants, forming an LLC, making a pitch, and more.

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