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How can I make money with my creative skills?

Much as artists hate to admit it, they’ll ultimately have to face the question.  Can I make money with my talents?  There’s lots of advice online, most of which you’ve probably heard.  


  • As an Artist: sell your work, teach, work in museums, galleries, etc. 

  • As a Musician: perform in coffee houses, clubs, and other venues; distribute work through an online site; teach and offer private classes and workshops.   

  • As a Dancer: find jobs in summer camps, resorts, cruise ships; offer workshops, private lessons, and teach; work in professional shows and theater.

  • As an Actor: do commercials for local brands, do voiceovers and industrials, find jobs in summer camps, resorts, offer workshops, and work in professional shows and theater. 


Useful? Perhaps. But the lines are long. The trick to finding the first job (or the next one) is to avoid standing in line.  


What does that mean? Learn to spot opportunities or create new ones.

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Where to start

These are the topics we discuss with our students who are looking to make money off of their skills. Click on any of the items for more info.

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We're here to help!

Setting up a business can be overwhelming. You don't have to do it alone! Our experts are here to help guide you through the process. These are the programs we recommend for this question:

Office Hours

Get concrete answers to specific questions you have about entrepreneurship from experts in law, marketing, production, business, and much more.

Idea Clinic

Have an idea? Consider its potential and develop next steps in these two-hour brainstorming sessions led by our team of creative professionals.

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